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Growth Solution

Project Overview

The school, located in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has 18 classrooms, vocational training rooms and a school hall that can accommodate hundreds of boarders. Because the school is located near a landfill, regulations require the construction of a pollution gas barrier to prevent methane gas from migrating from a nearby landfill.

Project Difficulty

It is important for the project that the geomembrane used as the gas barrier must have good quality assurance and be properly installed. If methane escapes, it poses a significant risk of fire, explosion, or suffocation to school residents. There are many obstacles such as pipes, manholes and electric ladder pits where a gas impermeable layer needs to be laid. Installation and joints must be leak-free. In addition, the installation time is in the rainy season, which may lead to prolonged installation time of geomembrane.

Project Information
School geomembrane barrier
Engineering Construction
25 Nov, 2023
Kowloon, Hong Kong