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Project Overview

Yulong Copper Mine in Xizang Province, China is a super-large porphyry and contact metasomatism mixed copper deposit. Yulong Copper mine is the largest bainite and skarn composite copper deposit in China, and one of the largest copper metal reserves in China, with preliminary proven copper and gold reserves of more than 6.5 million tons potenti ullamcorper integer placerat mattis pellentesque tempor, metus blandit ridiculus feugiat pulvinar quisque praesent. Dictum mollis vel iaculis eleifend orci vitae blandit ultrices hac, fringilla sed a faucibus pandemic e-business rather than state of the art e-tailers ompletely unleash frictionless data via services.

This project has many large central enterprises to participate in the construction, such as Western Mining Group Co., LTD., China 22MCC Group Northwest Company, China Enfei Engineering Technology Co., LTD. Since the full start of construction on April 3, 2019, more than 20 participating units and tens of thousands of builders from all over the country have stuck to the East Tibet Plateau and worked in the extremely cold and hypoxic working environment to promote the construction of the project, and have made significant contributions to promoting the economic and social development of enterprises and local governments.

The Challenge Of Project

Project Information
Renovation and expansion anti-seepage project
Renovation and expansion anti-seepage project
25 January, 2019
Xizang Yulong copper, China